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Solar solutions standard homes was designed to give good quality energy efficient house plans at a very economical price.

Solar Solutions Standard Homes was designed to give good quality energy efficient house plans at a very economical price. Each of these plans are featured in our planbooks and will suit a variety of different sites & lifestyles. Each plan can be altered to better suit your needs at a small cost. Once confirming the plan you want, you can take a closer look through a study set and then you can purchase a full set of construction drawings and a license to build the home.

Solar Solutions can organize a site plan optimizing the plan to work with site in the best way possible, we can also organise a range of quality products at better than trade rates. These products include windows, building materials, landscaping materials, claddings, kitchens products and ventilation systems.


    Solar Solutions now offers you online planbooks that retail for $19.95 each that are emailed to you in an easy to read PDF format.

Solar Solutions currently has 5 planbooks available for purchase directly or via our website. Each book contains a range of plans to suit different sites and lifestyles.

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    Solar Solutions lets you take a closer look at anyone of our plans with a study set for only $40.

Once purchasing any one of our Planbooks you can take a closer look by purchasing a study set online. These sets include dimensioned floor plans, roof layout & elevations.

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    Solar Solutions can issue you with a full set of highly detailed working drawings.

Any alterartions can be made to our study sets at an hourly rate. Once finalized a fully licenced set of drawings will be completed ready for building permit submission.

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